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Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles was born in Houston, Texas. He is an actor, comedian, producer, and entrepreneur. He currently co-hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show with Steve Harvey. On the show, he prank calls random people about random situations. Nephew Tommy known for his great pranks, funny pranks, funny videos and some funniest videos ever. Nephew Tommy is recognized as the King of Prank calls, along with Rickey Smiley. You can visit his site at http://www.thenephewtommyexperience.com to submit prank requests, view videos, social media, etc. Twitter: @nephewtommy; Instagram: @thenephewtommyexp; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NephewTommy

Lawyers Making A Difference

Every now and then we like to profile a lawyer who has made a real difference in the community. Today we would like to introduce you to D. Sanchez of dustinsancheztv fame. Mr. Sanchez practiced law in Houston for several years before becoming a law firm seo expert. He now helps attorneys put their website on the first page of the Google search engine through effective online lawyer marketing.

After law school, many attorneys struggle to find employment. This forces over half of new lawyers to strike out on their own. The biggest problem they have is finding new clients who will actually pay them to be a lawyer.

This is where Mr. Sanchez comes in…he helps struggling lawyers get new clients through either search engine marketing or Facebook marketing for lawyers.

You Can Visit the Following Online Profiles to Learn More About Him…

Home Stagers In Houston

In the Great State of Texas, the Houston Real Estate market keeps chugging right along, and nobody is surprised. The oil crash of the eighties really did a number on the Houston real estate market. However, this current oil crash is different. The Houston economy is still strongly tied to oil, but by no means completely dependent on it. Did you know that Houston has 7 different “Downtowns?”

  1. Downtown Houston
  2. Midtown
  3. The Woodlands
  4. The Medical Center
  5. The Galleria Area
  6. The Energy Corridor
  7. The Ship Channel

Just by looking at that list, you can see that Houston has a severely diversified economy…and home investors are still very bullish on this economy. However, gone are the days of putting empty investment houses on the market. Today, no investor worth his weight in gold would ever try to sell a Houston area home without have that house professionally staged for a quick sale. Some investors are referring to it as “the secret sauce” of Houston real estate investing.

Rhonda Conchola of Home Staging Houston is one of the top professional home stagers in the city. We interviewed her about this new trend:

Miles: Hi Rhonda, how long have you been in the Home Staging business?

Rhonda: I started around 2008. Times were lean then, but I could see that it was going to be a big industry one day and it certainly has grown into exactly that.

Miles: Why do you think it is so important to stage investment property?

Rhonda: Time and again, my experience has shown that staged properties just sell faster. They are easier to market online and in paper brochures, and buyers immediately start thinking of themselves living in a staged home. If you visit the Home Staging Houston Yelp Page, you can see some of the comments that other investors have made about this.

Miles: What’s the “next big thing” in Houston real estate marketing.

Rhonda: VIDEO MARKETING. I have had such amazing success with video marketing, and I really feel that this highly consumable / shareable medium is going to catch on with real estate investors, brokers, and agents.

Miles: WOW! Great video and thank you so much for the insight. Where can we contact you if we want to get an investment property staged?

Rhonda: Call me at 713-714-2392

Rhonda ConcholaBIO:

Home Staging Houston is owned by Rhonda Conchola and is located in Houston, TX. Rhonda has been in business for more than 5 years and you can contact her at 713-714-2392 if you need to have an investment property staged for quick sale.

Years in Business: 5-10

Contact info: 713-714-2392

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